emergency broadcast

order "emergency broadcast": a workbook of interactive exersizes for young people
or "emergency": a critical coloring book about race, gender and freedom

email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com with the great use that you'll be putting it to and download it here

(all power to the people! more power to the youth!)


lex said...

Go forth and tag!!!

Today I did a workshop on Graffiti Poetics/Politics with the brilliant students in Ebony Golden's Hip Hop Writing Class at the Duke University Young Writer's Camp.

Check out the dope tagging ideas they came up with! Go forth and TAG!!!

On an airplane:
tag the wing "stuck in the clouds"

At the playground
tag the teetertotter "we fall down but we get up"
tag the monkey bars "keep going'"

At the library:
on every book tag "where is the love?"
on the shelves "destroy the book"
on my favorite book and the elevator "read with sarcasm"
inside a book "this is my favorite page!"

At the hairdresser:
on the magazines tag "you are already beautiful!"

In the classroom:
on the trash can tag "nobodys trash"
in the middle of the board "be lazy"
on the clock "take your time"

At the supermarket:
on a soup can tag "only soup cans need labels"
on the cash register "don't give them any money!"

At a concert:
on the big screen tag "you bought the ticket. Have you helped someone in need?"

beth said...

i want to use this workbook... with young people at the block party, with the fine young people who come to aspyn meetings, by myself, maybe even more places once i get to see what it is all about. the other day i was thinking about tagging stop signs to say START something good - loving each other, driving safely, following your dreams, i'm not sure yet. i think the workbook will inspire me to think & act in ways i don't know yet.

much love!


Colin said...

I tag newspapers that don't tell the whole story with "lier!" and "your not gettin' the full story!". I tag GAP and A&F store windows with "Spending money won't make you feel better" and "sexism is violence". This is my way of fighting back at the system which continues to hold us back from evolving into a more just society.

Anonymous said...

wow. this is amazing. id love to use this. i am from the states but in s.a. for the next 6 months. how can i get my hands on this?